SoftPanels are a completely new approach to LED lighting.

With a built-in color meter and intelligent color management technology in every light, SoftPanels provide unprecedented color precision and smart control over the emitted light. 

Honeycomb grid, gel fame and soft case included,  DMX built in for remote control of color and dimming, Vertical and horizontal mount positioning, 2700K - 7200K Variable Color, Full range ultra smooth 100% to 0 dimming,  High light output equivalent to: 3000W tungsten soft light, 5500 lux/510 FC at 4' (0.8m)

$50 per day

$150 per week

SoftPanels 2x3' LED Panel


The Kino Flo 2ft 4 Bank is a 4-lamp fluorescent light that outputs the equivalent of a 500W softlight, while consuming a fraction of a traditional lights electrical draw, with the option of using daylight or tungsten temperature tubes.



The kit includes a 2' 4 Bank lamp head, standard 4 Bank ballast, mount with Baby receiver, 25' head extension cable, 4 daylight tubes & 4 tungsten tubes, C Stand included.

$50 per day

$150 per week

Kino Flo 2ft 4 Bank Light Kit


The LightPro DN-100FD LED Fresnel is an LED AC/DC Power LED focusable Fresnal video light. The LED comes with a V-mount plate on the bottom to take V-Lock Batteries, with AC power out so you can power the light all day. 

Daylight 0 hue LED Focus

2 Light stands included

Flood or Spot functions

$55 per day

$165 per week

2x LightPro Fresnel LED Light


The ARRI Lite 800 comprises fully focusing, open face tungsten lights that are ideal for interior or fast turnaround location use. Specially designed reflectors balance controllability & efficiency while providing an exceptionally even field of illumination. A double skin, thermoplastic housing with aluminium inner shell gives superior hot-handling capacity & also keeps the weight down.

This kit includes barndoors, scrims, bulbs & 4 light stands

4x 600W 

Spot or Flood functions

$70 per day

$210 per week

ARRI Lite 800w Tungsten Kit


The "baby" of the Arrilites, the 600 has a 5" open face & an anodised aluminium reflector for maximum light efficiency. Beam angles are 90° in the flood position and 34° in the spot position. Focusing flood will provide a beam of 240 footcandles, 6.1 ft (1.9 m) in diameter at full spot, from a distance of 10 ft (3 m). It will throw a beam of 63 footcandles 20 ft (6.1 m) in diameter at full flood, from the same distance.

This kit includes barndoors, scrims, bulbs & 3 light stands.

3x 600W 

Spot or Flood functions

$45 per day

$135 per week

ARRI Lite 600w Tungsten Kit


The LightPro DN-600SC Compact LED Video Light is a single colour LED light which gives you a 5600k daylight colour balance. The LED comes with a V-mount plate on the back to be powered portably by V-Lock Batteries, AC power out so you can power the light all day & filters for diffusion and tungsten colour.

Power: 36W

CRI: Ra>95

Tungsten equivalent output: 688W

3 Light stands included

$60 per day

$180 per week

3x LightPro Studio LED Panels


The LS 312DS is an LED light that can be mounted on a camera or powerful enough to be used on a stand. There is an LCD on the back of the light which can display the colour temperature, brightness & power of the batteries. It has advantages of low energy consumption, high brightness and excellent colour rendering.

Includes 2 Sony NP-F Batteries and mounts. Stand included.

Adjustable from 3200k to 5600k

Dimmable from 10% to 99%

19cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm in size

$20 per day

$60 per week

LS Bi-Colour LED Light Kit


Sculpting and softening light allows us to add depth to what could potentially be a flat shot. Cutters, Frames, Floppies and diffusion are essential for any shoot. In this kit, everything is conveniently placed in a bag ready to go.

(Full diffusion and Floppy pictured)

3x3 Floppy

3x3 Flag

3x3 1/4 Diffusion

3x3 Full Diffusion

3x3 Ultra Bounce

Padded Bag

$50 per day

$150 per week

3x3 Flag Kit

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