The Flowcine Serene attaches to the Easyrig & stabilises vibrations & motion errors on the vertical axis. This usually occurs from walking or running with the rig. It also stabilises side to side in the same scenarios by counter pivoting around its centre axis.

Allows for frictionless boom range of 180mm

Two springs take a payload of 6 - 19.5kg

Tension adjustable


$250 per day

$750 per week

Easyrig 3 with Flowcine Serene


The Ready Rig provides additional support, transferring the weight of the rig away from the camera operators upper body.

What makes Ready Rig stand out from other systems is quite clear, the dual arms make for a safer, more comfortable experience.

20kg Support

Vertical Axis Stabilisation

55' Boom Range

$120 per day

$360 per week

Ready Rig & ProArm Kit


The Digi Dolly is a lightweight and portable track system, with seamless joins allowing the operator to enjoy smooth movements along the aluminium tracks.



8 Pieces of track

Foam track supports

T Shape dolly 

$100 per day

$300per week

Digi Dolly


The EZ Jib is a user friendly jib arm ideal for location, studio or multi cam set ups. Its portable, easy to set up & durable. 

Weight 10kg - Capacity 25kg

Max Height 10 feet

Maximum folded length 52" / 132cm 

100mm tripod head bowl

2x10kg, 2x5kg, 2x 2.5kg weights

$75 per day

$225 per week

EZ 10ft Heavy Duty Jib with 100mm bowl & weights


The Easyrig is a body worn support system for camera operators working with heavier camera rigs. The system works by using a suspension line to support the weight of the rig. The EasyRig can also be used to support the weight of gimbals.

500N Load Capacity

Cinema 3 Vest & Pocket

$150 per day

$450 per week

Easyrig 3


The Shape Shoulder Rig with quick-release baseplate system from SHAPE is a unique design created for professional cameras. The plate features 3 channels for for rigging in a centred or offset position. The handles and arms are easily rotated on the go, simply by pushing the red buttons.

Broadcast plate with quick release

Shoulder pad with rail support

2 x Handles ARRI Rossette mount

$75 per day

$225 per week

Shape Shoulder Rig & Handles


The Kessler Cine Slider is a heavy duty camera slider designed for the heaviest rigs while still remaining portable and lightweight. Reinforced aluminium, protected rails and precision machining means you will get the job done.

3ft Slider

100mm bowl attachment for tripod heads

Additional raised feet

$50 per day

$150 per week

Kessler Cine Slider


This dolly is durable and allows you to sit on it, whats not to love? Perfect for those situations where a grip can push the dolly, allowing the operator to focus on the shot. Also ideal for gimbals where you want to eliminate any steps & movement.

100mm bowl with bazooka and height adjustment 

4 rubber infaltable wheels

$60 per day

$180 per week

Supreme Dolly with 4 tyres bazooka & 100mm bowl  


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